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Digital disruption is a threat to many companies, but it's a significant opportunity for those that use it to increase revenue/profits, delight customers, and operate smarter and faster.  

Vaughan can show you how to be the latter.



Direct to Consumer and B2B

Whether your business is new to ecommerce or you have an existing store, Vaughan can help you maximize your investment in this channel.  Ecommerce consulting services are offered across the full value chain from business strategy to operations to implementation.

Business Organization

Precision, efficiency and return-on-investment

SEO, PPC, PLA, remarketing, email, social - it can be overwhelming and a significant resource drain if not executed properly.  Vaughan provides the strategy, optimization, execution and reporting to ensure your time and budget are invested wisely.

Brand Strategy

Increase revenue, decrease waste

Increasing conversions from your existing web traffic is the quickest route to boosting revenue and lead flow.  Vaughan will conceive, test and implement key conversion-enhancing modifications to maximize your return-on-investment.

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Right message, right prospect, right time

Whether you're optimizing for ecommerce conversions or increased lead-flow, marketing automation is a key performance-enhancing tool.  Vaughan can execute full-scale implementations or help you optimize your existing automation flow.

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The bridge between marketing and sales

Understanding and controlling how your leads flow through your sales/marketing funnel is fundamental to building an effective deal pipeline.  Vaughan can model, document and implement a repeatable, trackable sales funnel for your organization.

Business Organization


“I didn't realize the revenue we we leaving on the table until Vaughan optimized our demand generation and site conversion to drive more dollars our of our existing web traffic.”

Brody - VP of Operations

“Vaughan built our direct-to-consumer business plan and implementation model from the ground-up, setting us on the path for an entirely new, highly-profitable sales channel.”

John - President

“Vaughan saved our business by acting as the interim Director of Ecommerce while we hired and trained a replacement for a departed employee.”

Susan - VP of Marketing



In a 15 minute phone call you can tell us your digital challenges, aspirations and goals and we can tell you how to achieve them (whether that's with us or not).

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